January 31, 2008

Brain Dead

I am so tired. I had like one of my personal hardest government test and my brain is like deflated. I'm tired and not functioning properly. Today was muy mal! Heather came to guitar and is seems like everytime shes around Devon does give a shit about me. She wanted me to give my seat up so Heather could sit there, and I'm like WTF its my seat, no! It's just stupid, but I don't like it. Heathers funny as hell, I like her, but not the way Devon acts around her, if that makes sense. Well, I worked on my music, but I'm really not liking my solo piece, its alot harder than I thought it was. I actually learned something in Chemistry today. We learned about moles and I didn't really understand the concept, but Win explained it to me. He also tried to joke about my sweatshirt, which has Thumper form Bambi on it, and he tried to joke about how i can't let Lennie from Of Mice and Men see it because he would want to pet the bunny, which is convenitly right on my boob, and he tried to joke about it and I just ignored him like I always do. Government I had a test, which you know about already. It was hard and I don't think I did as well as I could have. Spanish class wasn't that bad today. We had our mini fiesta and watched a movie, that I actually liked alot. I wanna keep watching it.

But now I'm home in my freezing cold house. I was watching some show about Ice Storms on the Science Channel, and they were talking about how the body loses heat when its cold, and I'm surprised I haven't suffered Hypothermia yet. My room is ridiculously cold. I have on two sweatshirts right now and my Fuggs and I'm still really cold. Not fun.

Something that will be fun is this weekend I'm going up to New York. I'm from there and the majority of my family is still up there, and this weekend is my Grandma's 75th Birthday and her sister is throughing her a surprise party, and she doesn't know we're coming up! I can't wait to see her reaction when she see's us! So I'm really excited about that. We're leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday.

Another fun thing happening this weekend is THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!! I am SOOOO excited about that!!! Its gonna be awsome!! The Giants are sooooooo going to win!!!!!!!

Till Next Time

January 30, 2008

School Blows

I hate when everything happens at once. I had a test today, a test tomorrow, a quiz tomorrow, a reseach paper to write over the weekend, while im out of town, and science fair due monday. Not fun. Everything is happening at once and i hate it.

Oh, boys are peverted and have no understanding of TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!
Till Next Time

January 29, 2008

Uber Busy

I had SGA today, and I have a Alg2 Trig test tomorrow that I should be studing for. I am going to be so busy this week it is going to kill me.
Till Next Time

January 28, 2008

The One Time I Will EVER Actually Pay Attention to The State of the Union

Today was not that bad. I woke up on time and had enough time to put on makeup. I walked to school and wasn't late. We did a review in Math for our test on Wednesday. English class was nothing. We never do anything in that class. Mrs. Minor wasn't here, but Ms. Jenkins was so we just worked more on our music, but we barely got anything done. Government was the same old class. I have to watch the State of the Union address tonight for homework, which I am not really looking forward to. After school I stayed around with Devon and Heather and basically walked around the school, which was boring. Very boring. I got home and then decided to try and learn Imagine on the guitar, which I did, except for this one part that's abit weird, but overall its pretty sweet. I found a new blog that I like alot. It's called Lilibet's Royal Blog and its funny. GO READ!!!!

Imagine there's no heaven.
It's easy if you try.

Till Next Time

January 27, 2008

A Very Lazy Sunday

Today was boring. I woke up around 11 and ate breakfast. I had a bowl of Cheerios. I haven't had Cheerios in ages, so it was nice. I took a shower, like normal and was ready by 12:30. Then I just chilled. I did my math homework and actually emailed my teacher when I had a question. Normally I just skip the ones I don't understand but this time I emailed him because he went off last class about how no one uses the email he gave them to ask questions. No one does the homework in his class, because if you have a answer down, he give ou credit. So you could right done your birthday and you get a hundred. So people take adventage of that and he went off on our class on thursday. So as I was doing my homework today, and I came across a problem that I wasn't sure about, I decided I was going to email him and ask him how to do it. Well, then I did my government homework which was so boring and tedious, it took me forever to do. We had to reread the chapter and fill in the blanks of words from the chapter, and he spread it out so i would be looking in one section trying to find the answer when it would be in the nest section. It was very tedious. And while doing this is was talking to my friend Tracy on AIM so it took forever. Then I had to right my English essay, and I was definately having a hard time getting what I was trying to say on paper, so that took ages. Basically, I spent the day slacking off while I was supposed to be working on my homework. This week is going to be crazy. I have two test and the science fair is due. This weekend I'm going up to New York, which is going to be fun, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

Till Next Time


January 26, 2008

A New Look

I decided to mix things up a bit, and change the look of my blog. These's colors are more relaxing, well to me anyways, and i think the blog titile now makes sense with the new picture.
Till Next Time (that didnt change! ♥)

January 25, 2008


So this week was a little better than last week. Honestly, I can't remember much of this week. It was just a boring blur of things I do day in and day out, and I'm sick of it. It seems like my life is so boring, and I'm only in 10th grade! I mean, people I've been in school with couldn't even remember that we were in the same Girl Scouts! People in my English class couldn't remember if I was in that class or the other class. I feel like a wallflower, and I have NEVER been the wallflower type. This year has been so weird. I mean I have friends, but the ones that I really think know me aren't with me when I need them. It seems that this year I've been more reclusive, and I've never been like that. I mean, in classes that I'm in with people that I don't really know, I don't think I'm that talkative, but even when I'm with my friends, it seems like I can only be stupid. I can't actually talk about things that are on my mind. They are great to hang out and have fun with, but they wouldn't understand this. I mean, one of them might (*cough cough* Page *cough cough*) but sometimes you want more than one person to understand you. I want to be able to be silly all the time, but I want someone to be able to understand me when I'm not, and just tell me to snap out of it. But that person goes to a different school, and isn't there in Chemistry when everyone is being silly, and I just can't really join in on the merriment. But, it's Friday and I have the weekend to get out of this funk. So I'm gonna go work on that.
Till Next Time

January 24, 2008

Tired and Bored

Today was a boring day. I'm going to Lobbying Day which is good, but that's not till Feburary. I had a choir sectional after school, and Mrs. Minor was CRAZY (Good Crazy) and so that wasn't a complete drag, but other than that, my day was boring.
Till Next Time

January 23, 2008

A Boring Tuesday That I Forgot

So I forgot to blog on tuesday. Nothing happened. I went back to school and it was long boring.

Today. Today was broing as well. My mom wouldn't drive me to CCD so I had to get my dad to take me as he was arriving home. CCD was blah. The problem child was back and he was..... PROBLEMATIC! I had a butt load of homework to do and tomorrow I meet with the conselors to talk about schedueles. I feel really bad for my conselor. They are going to have to answer alot of questions from me!
Till Next Time

January 21, 2008

A Good Monday???

I didn't have school today, which is why today was a good monday! I woke up at 12, thanks to my mom who would not let me sleep! Oh well, today was fine. I didn't really do that much. Cleaned the house and did my homework. My dad is all excited about the Giants winning last night so he just bought a ton of Giant's T-Shirts with NFC Championship on them for everyone. If we win the SuperBowl he's gonna have to buy 6 more T-shirts and shot glasses and coins and basically a repeat of what we just went through. Oh well, I get cute shirt. ↑ That's the shirt! You can't see it very well, but trust me, it's cute. I'm excited for the Super Bowl! I better be home in time, since I'm going up to New York that weekend. Well, I'm going to go catch up on my One Tree Hill.
Till Next Time

January 20, 2008


OMG THE GIANTS BEAT THE PACKERS 23-20 AND ARE HEADED TO ARIZONA FOR SUPERBOWL 42!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!! The game was awsome! We rocked and played great, and won in overtime!!! WHOOOOTT!!!! Can't wait til Feb 3rd! Patriots are going to be crushed by the BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW!!!!!!!!

January 19, 2008

Feeling Better Today

I feel better today than I did yesterday. I spent the night at my best friends house and just got to talk it all out and be stupid and not have to worry about school and people that bug me. So my attitude was definitely up. I went over to Aiyanna's house to do the science fair, which was a lot of fun. So today was definitely better than yesterday. I'm going to go watch TV.
Till Next Time

January 18, 2008

A Bad Day

Today has been a very bad day. In 1st period, I made one stupid comment about a class that alot of my friends are taking next year and my one friend was like "I'm mad at you" but she was acting all silly so I figured she was joking, but she wouldn't talk to me so I apologized, but it was all pissing me off. So in second period I was still all upset and I tried apologizing to her again, but she blow it up and told two of my other friends what happened and she twisted my words to make it sound like I was calling her stupid for taking the class, when all I said was the class is stupid, just because i'm not personally interested in it. And when she told everyone else it just made things worse and made me more upset because I thought more people were going to be mad at me. So I profusely apologized to everyone and she was like "I'm not mad at you, i just think what you said was mean". I hate it when people 1. Get mad at me for voicing my opinion. 2. Pretend to be mad at me, because I get very upset when people I care about are mad and me and 3. When someone i thought i knew, doesn't realize that I'm opionated and say things sometimes without really meaning them, or meaning the reasons I say something. So today has been a bad day because I realized that my friends don't really understnad me as i thought they did. Except Page, but she refuses to take sides, which bugs me!! But I still love her, for being neutral. Im tired and pissed off, but now I have to put on a happy face a celebrate my dad's birthday.
Till Next Time (when im in a better mood)

January 17, 2008

A Snowy Thursday

Today was boring. It was snowing here, and I had to walk home in the snow which was not pleasant because I was not wearing the best shoes for it. It sucked. My feet were frezzing! Hopefully we will get off of school tomorrow, or at least get a 2 hour delay, because I have a chemistry test that Ido not want to take.
Till Next Time

January 16, 2008

The Dentist

I had to go for my six month check up today, except it was more like 8 because my original 6 month was in November. But, as I was sitting in the chair, with the hygienists fingers in my mouth, I was thinking, dentist know a lot about you. Your teeth are sometimes the most informational body part. They tell what you eat, what you don't. How often you brush your teeth, how often you forgot to floss. If you've ever had a cavity, or braces. All of that is there in your mouth, and the Dentist has to look at it. I never really minded the dentist until this visit. The hygienist practically killed my teethe with those scrapper things. They still hurt and she did it an hour ago. My mom also told her not to give me fluoride, but she forgot and did it anyways, and I hate the fluoride. Its nasty and you can't eat after it. Then she remembered like five minutes later that she wasn't supposed to give it to me, but she didn't charge us for it, so it was okay. It was not a pleasant experience.

January 15, 2008

Tuesdays.....What More Can I Say?

Besides Mondays Tuesday is the worst day off the week. It's right after Monday, so you are still grumpy from that. And it means that we still have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday left till Saturday, plus Tuesday if it's early in the morning. So, Tuesdays are not my favorite day. Today it self wasn't that bad, I'm just really tired, and I still have a guitar proficiency to study for and my Government homework to do.
Til Next Time

January 14, 2008

The Irony of the Poser

So, you all know the kid I'm talking about, right. The sort of dorky new guy who acts different than what he is to fit in. Well that poser in my school is one of my friends. Originally, when IU first met him, I thought he was coolish, but now that I've actually gotten to know him, I see his inner dork, which I like way better than the "cool guy" he was going for. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize quirky is more likable than cool. He tries so hard for the popular kids to like him, that they all end up thinking he's a stupid poser whose pretending to be something he's not. If he would just act the way he normally does, things would be fine, and people would like him. But he doesn't see it that way. Oh well, that is his loss. He really should have started public school earlier than 10 grade!

January 13, 2008

Tired of Being Responsible

Okay, so being responsible is normally thought of as a good quality. People can trust you, and know that you will do what you need to do and do it right. But, when you are the only responsible one in a group, it becomes a burden that you have on your shoulders, because you are the only one responsible enough to carry it! I am tired of being the relaible one who gets stuck doing all the group work, because no one else is responsible enough to do it! So, I officially resign from the post of the Responsible One in the Group. I am responsible for me and me only. Everyone esle, firgure it out yourselves, god damn it!

Till Next Time


January 12, 2008

A Wasteful Saturday

So yesterday I didn't feel well. School was boring and I really can't remember much of it. I was really pissed at Win yesterday and i yelled at him over something he said to me, then realized I was being a hypocrit, since I made a comment similar to what he said. But we worked it out and ended up talking till 12:15. He then left but said he was coming back, so I decided to catch up on my reading and he never came back so I went to bed around one. At 5 o'clock in the morning, my dog decided she was going to throw up on my floor and she made alot of noise doing it and it woke me up. So I had to find the paper towels and cover it up so that when I woke up I could tell my mom so she could clean it up, because I was NOT doing that. So anyways, I went back to sleep and my mom woke me up at 10 to tell me she was leaving with my brother to go do one of his stupid activites. So, I then continued to sleep until 12. I finally got out of bed, and went down stairs to do my chemistry homework, while watching The X Files (movie, not they show, but they are both weird) because my dad was watching it. I got in the shower around 1 and ate t 1:30. Then I just chilled and watched TV, until around 4 when I started my government homework. I went to church at 5 and when I got home i watched alittle bit of the Packers game and then I started my government project, until I was called down to dinner. Literally. My mom called me on my cell phone because aparently she had been calling me but I couldn't hear her because I was listening to my iPod. After dinner I did the dishes. and know I'm up here on the computer, writing this. I really didn't do anything today, and I still have alot of work to do. So I think im going to go do my spanish, because I don't think im going to get my government done tonight.
Till Next Time

January 11, 2008

Sick and Tired, Really

Im sick. My stomach hurts and I'm tired. I don't feel much like explaining how my day went. The only thing I will say is Win Reily is a jack ass.

January 10, 2008

The Species of Male

Guys are stupid. Plain and simple. They are immature, at 15, and don't do anything. My example is Joshua Phillips. Hey may be gorgeous, but he is a complete retard. He can't act stupid without being stupid about acting stupid. He is in my group for Spanish, and has to play the drunk son, a fairly easy part, with very few lines, and he manges to mess that up too. He is intelligent, he just acts like a complete moron, changing his accent every time he speaks. Sometimes I wonder if he's smoking something, or forgot to take his Ritalin.

Today was not that bad. My stomach has been bothering me all day and making strange noises. Chemistry was bad, I had a quiz and mixed up a bunch of the polyatomic ions. But the rest of the day was fine, oh except me and Page might not be able to go see Sweeny Todd this weekend like we planned. The theater that we were planning on going to isn't showing the movie any more so we might not be able to go unless her dad is willing to take us to another theater. That kinda put a damper on my day. Oh, I also can't possibly fit in all the classes that I want to take in high school into my schedule, which is frustrating me alot. I might have to drop guitar, which I don't want to do, but might have to in order to take all the AP's that I'm required to take next year as a SUMMIT student. That kinda made me mad, but I will figure it out! I don't have any homework so that's good. The little that I had to do is done so, I am going to go practice my guitar. Maybe if I was better at it, I wouldn't even consider dropping the class.
Till Next Time,

January 9, 2008

The Suckiness of Wednesdays

Normally, I don't mind wednesdays. It's a sign that the week is almost over. But, this weeks Wednesday blowed. The day started off on the right foot. I got out of bed on time and didn't have to rush out the door as late as I normalyy do, but once I started walking, things went down hill from there. I have an inkling that my left foot is a tad larger than my right, because there are these really cute Keds that i bought acouple of weekends ago, and the back of the left shoe bugs the back of my ankle and makes it hard to walk. I don't have a blister, but it still hurts when I walk. I walk to school, so you can see how they day alreadty started out to a bad start. First period was okay, until we had a quiz on stuff that i really couldn't remember. But, I found out I got a 4.13, which is the highest GPA I have ever gotten! Second period was boring, we just read more of Of Mice and Men which I actually like. In Freshman year we stared reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck, and I really didn't like it. Come to think of it, I don't think we finished it.... but I like this book. It's interesting and i just love how innocent Lennie is. He reminds me alot of a person I know and love, so the book is a good one for me.We had a quiz in choir which was fine once I had a keyboard sheet in front of me. We broke up into sectionals and worked on this song called Shenedoah, and it's very weird. I don't like it. I love I Am Not Yours. Its so pretty and I just melt inside everytime I sing it. Government was fine. I like that class so there isn't ever a time where I have soemthing to complain about, except Mr. Morris failed to give us our report cards, and even though I knew what my GPA was, I still wanted to see it. My grandma's christmas gifts finally arrived, so we got to open those. But the really suckage came later today. I help out with CCD at my church and there is this one kid, Luke, who is so problematic that the head of CCD had to call his mom to come take him home. I definately think the kid has a problem, but the other kids don't see that, so they are constanly saying mean things about him while he's gone or mumbling it under their breath, and that gets annoying after a while and it drains you. Plus I am extremly tired, and this week is going by so slooooooooww and I want it to end, but it's only Wednesday.
Til Next Time

January 8, 2008

Why Spanish Class Sucks

Today was a pretty average day. I woke up to my first alarm clock and let my sister deal with the second!! School is school. Guitar was fine. We did ear training and the stupid CD that we listen to is messed up. They play the notes on the violin, which is hard for me to hear and accurately figure out what the note is, so I don't know how well I did on that. I wish they would just play it on the piano than the stupid violin. Chemistry was boring. We had a sub, and a butt load of work, but I got it all done relatively easily and understood the majority of it. Government was fun, like it always is, and the homework was super easy. I did it in like 2 seconds practically. Spanish is what sucked, and as the title of this blog suggests, I am going to tell you why. Mrs. Vakharia is a CRAZY LADY!!!!! She told us on Friday that we needed to work on our skits, but nothing specific. Then today she asks for our homework, and the ENTIRE class is like "What homework? You didn't give us and homework" and she's all, "Yes I did, I posted in on schoolnotes.", which is like a website where teachers can post the homework and class assignments, but you normally only have to check it if you are absent. So, she goes off on this tirade about how we are supposed to check schoolnotes every night, and that's how she communicates with us, but how can she give us a homework assignment without telling us in class. Its supposed to be a reference for you when you are absent, or if you didn't catch what the homework was, not a way for her to give us an extra assignment that she failed to tell us in class the day before. So while working in our groups we had to write our individual lines, and we had to make sure they fit with everyone else's. Oh, and because she is LOCO, if you miss a day off school while we are working on these stupid skits, when you come back, you are no longer apart of that group and you have to do your own power point presentation. And, it was just my luck, that the only native Spanish speaker was absent today, so she is no longer in our group. I am not that great at Spanish, and neither is anyone else in my group, so we are all screwed beyond belief. So that is why Spanish class sucks, and I hate it.

January 7, 2008


Last night I didn't go to bed til 1 o'clock in the morning and I had to wake up for school today which sucked. I've been extremely tired all day. Math was math, nothing much ever happens in that class. Mr. Quickel talks all class long but still mananges to get everything done, normallly. But today he talked a lot and didn't finish! We didn't get any homework on the lesson we learned, but we have a quiz next class so it isn't all that great. English was ridiculous like it always is and the idiots in my class don' shut up long enough for Mrs. Maxwell to say anything!! It's pretty ridiculous because she's a good teacher. They are all just so stupid and immature. Choir was choir. We got our new festival music and starting a new piece and worked on this really pretty song called "I Am Not Yours". The arrangement is sooooo pretty. I love that song. Government was really good today, I was really funny. We were talking about a political cartoon and how the Republicians are searching for another Reagan, and Mr. Morris said they want to bring him back from the dead and have him run again. But Reagan was president twice while living, and I asked him about it. I asked him how Reagan could run again because he was already president twice. And he said the Constitution doesn't say anything about dead people so then I said, So there's a speccial incarnation clause? and the entire class cracked up! I wasn't even trying to be funny, but there were two other funny moments today. I was feeling very sarcastic today.

It's very hot here in Maryland today. Its like 70 degrees outside, in the middle of January!!!! This is ridiculous!! It should be snowing, but it's not. Its hot and I don't like it. I like the winter and it feels like spring outside right now!!! It's pretty crazy. I have to go do my chemistry homework now and study the polyatomic molecules with an -1 charge so I bid you adu.
Till Next Time

January 6, 2008


My boys just beat Tampa Bay and now where going to the Divisonal Playoffs!!! WHOOT!!!! ELi didn't turnover the ball once!!!! Great game!! Next week we play Dallas which is going to be interesting. Well I have to go do my homework.
Till Next Time

January 5, 2008

A Boring Day......

Today was so uneventful. I didn't wake up until 12:45 and didnt even take a shower till around four! I went to church at five and then went to SUPER GIANT to get food for dinner. I saw a guy that I used to go to elementary school with and i have to say, he was looking hot. I then came home and had to help my mom cook dinner. I hate cooking and I'm so bad at it, but today I didn't do too bad. I made really awsome corn bread, that I hadn't had in AGES!!! And I made onion rings, which were good, they just didnt have enough batter on them, so they weren't my best. But I did it all without burning down the house, which is a definate accomplishment. So today wasn't much of a day, but it wasn't that bad. Well, I'm gonna go now, and go watch a movie with the family.
Til Next Time

January 4, 2008

My First Post

So, i've started a new blog. It's offical. Today was uneventful. School and thats it. Got in a fight with my sister, but that was solved easily. Hopefully I will be able to relax this weekend. But I dont think thats going to happen. Too much damn homework!! Oh well only half-a-year left til summer. Counting down til then!!