June 7, 2009

English Projects, Slippery Slides, and Bruised Elbows

Sorry for not posting, things have gotten kinda crazy, they are staring to calm down. This week has been a lot more chill then normal, but now that school is winding down, I have so many stupid final projects to do, one of them being English. Yesterday I took my SAT, and I think I did pretty okay on it. I know I'm going to need to take it again,but hopefully I got a good score. After the SAT Tommy and Jessica came over and we work on our English project, broke my trampoline, played at the park, and got eaten alive by bug bites... well, that was just me. At the park we were doing an obstacle course, and the slide got really wet, because it was night time. So I had a difficult time climbing up the slide. After the course, I tried climbing up the middle are and slipped and fell, hurting my back and elbow in the process. How I did it I will never know.... But overall, yesterday was a good day.

Today has just been chill, catching up on sleep and my blog. Tomorrow will be spent trying to finish video taping the project so we can edit Tuesday and Wednesday. As for now... well I have nothing to do, and nothing else to say.
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