May 21, 2009

Gonna Have a Good Day

The title of this blog comes from the song Good Day by Click Five, who I used to be obsessed with in 8th grade. But the lyrics sing sing true of today. First I got my SAT2 Subject test scores back, and I scored an 750 out of 800 on the biology section. I got a 610 on Lit, which isn't that bad considering I hadn't taken the course, and 570 on US which i expected, because I completely forgot everything from freshman year. So I'm pretty happy with my scores.
We finished the cat dissection today, and we had so pretty interesting events occur today. We couldn't find our cats kidney's today, because they were completely covered by fat, which is not normal. When we pushed back the digestive organs we saw these two huge pink structures and had no idea what they were, so we called our Ms. Jenkins to help us find the kidney's and they weren't they. She thought the pink structures might have been the ovaries, but we had already found those. So she told us to cut out one of the pink structures and do a cross sections to see if it was the kidney. It was. Our kidney was completely covered by this huge fat membrane. It was pretty weird. A lot of the cats were sick, one had heart worms, and our lungs were all black. But this dissection was pretty cool overall, once you got to the inside.

One semi-bad thing happened today. We had the reelections for NHS vice president today, since me and Tommy tied last time, and Tommy won. But I'm okay with it. I told myself I wouldn't get angry or upset about the election, and I haven't. My friend won, and is happy so I'm happy. I just keep thinking back about who voted for who, and I really need to stop, because that won't help anything. I already am president of Tri-M music honor society and treasurer of Best Buddies. Tommy can have NHS VP.

The best part about today was the weather. It was beautiful outside, not to hot but still sunny. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. I reclined on the trampoline and listened to music, and then I went to the park with Ify just to relax and be a little kid again. Then I came home and watched Sense and Sensibility, which was so romantic. I really need to read more Jane Austen. So overall, I had a good day, and tomorrow is Friday, and then it's the weekend.
Till Next Time

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