May 20, 2009

The Cat and the Queen

Today, we finally started our cat dissection. Chris, Gabby, and I named our cat Captain Dreamsicle because of her orange coat. I have to admit, I was a little creeped out at first, but once we got to the inside, it was pretty cool. I can handle the guts, it was the face I couldn't handle. The only really disgusting thing is the smell; the cats don't smell dead, but they have so many preservatives in them that stink so badly! I feel like I'm inhaling a chemical plant. I really want to start the circulatory system section; right now were in the middle of the digestive system which is boring, but we have all week.

I actually played guitar today in class, which is not a normal occurrence. I also learned how to play Habanera thanks to Devon, who played it for me so I could hear how the parts go. I can read music well, but with guitar, I really need to hear how the part is supposed to sound so I know when I'm playing it wrong and can fix it. So now I know almost all of my music for festival. I have all of advanced guitar 1 music, now I just need to finish learning level 2, which shouldn't be too bad because I played the other 2 songs last year, just different parts.

HSA testing took forever today, so they just extended 3rd period into fourth, so I didn't go to English today. We just more of Escape From Sobibor in World, which is about a revolt in Nazi death camp. The movie is pretty interesting, it's just kind of hard to watch sometimes because of the subject, and what we know now about the camps. But overall, today was a pretty chill day, and now I have the house to myself, and food to cook, because my parents just left for my brothers baseball game. Time to watch TV. =]
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