August 6, 2009

Truckin' to Tri-M

Today I had an officers meeting for Tri-M. Licensed me can drive myself anywhere when I have a car to take. Today I had to take my dads truck. Not fun. The thing's huge, and long (that's what she said) and over all difficult to drive, and park. But I survived and now I have to finish packing because I'm leaving for Massachusetts tonight, to go to the family reunion up in Springfield. I'm excited because I get to see my family again, and be adored by 4 year old girls that love me. =]

My Mom and I just got back from a college road trip, and I am in love with the University of Richmond. The campus was amazing, and I got that "feeling"; the "I could live here for the next four years and be extremely happy and content" feeling, and it felt great! Now I just have to get my SAT scores up. That feeling isn't so great. But over all, I'm pretty excited about the prospects of college. =]

What I'm not excited about is my darn lap top. It keeps freezing, and just acting like a spaz, and I want to kill it. Hopefully my cousin Roni will be able to fix it, she's a computer wizard. But, I need to finish packing so....
Till Next Time

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