May 18, 2009

A Golden Afternoon

Today, I spent my time lazily reading on my trampoline. It was great. The sun warmed my face and the spring breeze relaxed me as I was enthralled with The Luxe. If you haven't read it you should; it's a great book. Very dramatic. Today was a boring day at school though. HSA testing began which meant first and second period went on for hours! But we had a bit of a party in English celebrating the end of AP tests for the year, which was fun. The rest of this week is going to go by extremely slow, but I guess that's better then being swamped with homework.

On the blog front, I decided a change of scenery would get the creative juice flowing, so I changed my template, and have more to alter. So blog is under construction for now, until I get the feel I want. But it's getting close. Feedback on the new look would be appreciated.
Till Next Time

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